Architecture of the future?

Saturday, December 27, 2008

Some people suggest that capsule buildings are the way of the future. A new example of this Metabolist style is the innovative Nakagin Capsule Tower. So what is Metabolism architecture? It's when the buildings style focuses of adaptable, growing and interchangable building designs.

Designed by the late architect Kurokawa Kisho this tower is a prototype of sorts for future business offices and hotels in Japan and, maybe, the rest of the world. The 14-story tower in the Shimbashi district of Tokyo consists of 140 individual capsules that can be used for office space or as apartments. In addition to the futuristic look this tower portrays, the Capsule Tower's capsules can be replaced and changed around when need be. Unfortunately, the tower's maitenance and the lack of support in preserving this architectural marvel have caused locals to decide to demolish the tower in two years unless a proper preservation plan can be created. I for one think that this tower should be saved! Comment if you agree or disagree.

Photos from PingMag website, 2008


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